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Quoting and Ordering Information

   To request a quote or place an order, American Truss will need the following information to

  •  Quantity of trusses needed at desired spacing. Spacing is usually 24" on center, but can be more or less as required.
  •  Length of truss (overall length of truss bottom chord).
  •  Pitch or slope; given in inches-to-12 (in case of flat trusses, give overall depth).
  •  Span of the truss, which is the horizontal distance between the outside edges of support.
  •  Length of cantilever, overhang, or both expressed in inches and measured horizontally.
  •  Cut at end of top chord (e.g., plumb, square/level).
  •  Width of bearing.
  •  All specified criteria.*
  •  Job name and location - provide written directions to job site.

   * NOTE: You should verify the truss specifications, particularly design load, with the local building officials in your area. Sealed engineering for your truss order is available upon request.
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